Love is in the Air

As they always say in February, Love is in the air!
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And to celebrate, Watkins has introduced an all New joining option!

Join Watkins Now for a super low cost of $39.95!

Learn more and get started here:

Regardless of whether you start with just the $39.95 membership package or with additional upgrades, you’ll be a full-fledged Watkins associate and a Summit Group member. You can purchase Watkins products for a 25% discount. And, you can earn income through your choice of business building strategies. Becoming a Watkins associate can help you reach your dreams!

The Summit Group Gives You More

Yes, YOU will get even more… tremendous additional benefits are included free for you by our Summit Group team of Watkins associates. The person who gave you this is a Summit Group member, so you will be, too, when you join through them. You will have immediate access absolutely free to all of the following…but ONLY if you join Watkins through the person who gave you this.

  • Exclusive training and business building systems let you tailor your business methods to match your goals and your available time.

  • Private training website lets you read articles and listen to online audio training at any hour of day or night.

  • Your own prospecting website lets you introduce others to the Watkins business—easily worth hundreds of dollars, it’s all completely free and ready for you to use immediately.
  • Weekly team e-mails keep you up to date.
  • Seven free books and 28 special business building reports help you develop yourself and your business—these are online versions you can read whenever you want, including timeless classics.

Being part of the largest, most award-winning team in Watkins definitely has benefits for you!

The membership package and all upgrades have a money-back guarantee and can be returned within 30 days for a full refund.

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