Good and Green

What is Green?

"Green" living is a way of life that considers the consequences of ones actions on the environment. It is a way of conducting life in an effort to preserve environmental quality.

Watkins is taking steps to preserve environmental quality in all of our product categories. But in this newsletter we want to focus on how our natural home care line is a step ahead of the rest.

Unlike food, the home care category has no governing agency that defines what ingredients are and are not considered "natural." Watkins wanted to make sure that when we called our cleaning products natural, it really meant something. So we decided to set a new standard, and we set it high. The natural standard we defined became our natural home care freedom code. This code includes ingredients that are considered harmful to the environment that you will not find in our home care products. Some are simply non-renewable like Petroleum, some can cause respiratory irritation like Ammonia, while others are just synthetics like dyes and colorants. Watkins has been working hard to set the industry standard for natural home care products and we are proud to say that there is no other natural cleaning brand in the country that holds themselves to a higher standard or a stricter freedom code than Watkins.

Now what does this freedom code mean to you and your customers? It means you get to use a product that truly is natural from a company committed to supplying you with natural products. And it really gives you an edge over the competition.

Set yourself and your customers free with Watkins!

Courtesy of Watkins e-News

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