Watkins October Spectacular!

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DON'T do this for me, do it for YOU !


Don't you love the smell of the Autumn season?


It bring back so many wonderful family traditions, but making time for it can be difficult these days.
Wouldn't you LOVE to have more time for the important things in life?

Watkins has the solution!

Everyone Does It - Few Get Paid For It - But You Can!
What if I told you that you were already doing things right now, today, in your day to day life, that if you didthem in a certain way, and you did them based on a certain plan, that magically, once a month, a check for$941 would show up in your mailbox?

What would you think about that?
I’m here to tell you that right now, some people are doing these things and they’re getting $941 a month. Otherpeople are doing these same things - but are not getting a check for $941 a month.

OK, I hear you asking – what things are you talking about? Everyone Does What?
Let me explain. Every week, all of us buy stuff, don’t we? We buy things at the grocery store, we buy at the gas station, we buy at the discount store, we buy online... we all buy stuff. We gotta buy stuff, right?
Of course, we’re all buying stuff. Now what if you simply bought the same stuff, but you only bought $20 a week of that stuff from a different place than you’re already buying it?
Then, through some magic that happens after that, a check shows up at the end of the
month, made out to you, for $941. Simply by changing where you buy a few things, to the tune of about $20 a week.

How can that be?
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This is the beginning of living your dreams!

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Time is precious and I do thank you for taking a moment of your time to read this!
So, think about the extra time and money you can create to enjoy the Important things in your life!

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'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' - Eleanor Roosevelt

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Paula Quick said...

Hi, Bianca:

As a new member of your downline I LOVE your blog! It's full of great reference information for me.
Watkins rocks!