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My name is Bianca and I am an Independent Manager for Watkins Products. I’ve been a huge Watkins Products fan for 20 years! I used to purchase the products at our local county fair every year until one year I really needed to get some items right away. This is what led me to joining Watkins as an independent distributor!
I live in Ohio with my two girls, ages 12 & 10, and have been married for 21 years to a very supportive man. When I got into Watkins, I originally wanted to take advantage of the personal discount. Watkins knows that different people have different needs. Watkins does not have minimum quota requirements making it a very pressure free organization allowing individuals to use and promote Watkins as they choose and at their own pace. Once I got into Watkins, my kids jumped right in helping me out with the business and of course loved ‘testing’ all the products!
As I learned more about the company and the products, I realized that my entire family could benefit from this opportunity. Not only was I saving money on products that we already use in the home, I was getting higher quality products for much less. I also realized that I could create an income and be a helping hand in supporting the family by sharing this wonderful opportunity with others.
One question that was asked of me when I started my business is what are your 'dreams?' As a mother, I really didn't have dreams other than to care for and want the best for my children. Today, I can honestly say that I now have dreams and I see how achievable they are with a Watkins Home business. I know now that my new found dream to have a cabin in the Smoky Mountains is VERY achievable and WILL happen!
Watkins not only has incredible products, but a fantastic, and very flexible business program for those that want to work from home! Watkins has allowed me to have a successful home business for the past two years! Not only am I enjoying the products I already love, but I am able to share them with our local community and family! My two girls LOVE the Watkins Products too! They enjoy helping me with the business.
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